On finding my bookshelves

Decorating this apartment of mine has been such a fun journey. Living alone for the first time, I am still learning to exercise full control over my space. I have a loft studio apartment, and so both my living room and kitchen have a loft space accessible by a ladder only. One can barely sit upright before hitting the ceiling once up there. The loft space above the main room holds my bed (mattress), while the loft space above the kitchen is used for storage. 

What I’m trying to stay here is that my very small apartment has two ladders. 

When I saw ladder-style bookshelves on craigslist for the first time, my brain started churning. How great would it be to continue the ladder theme in the furniture? The idea of climbing higher and higher toward loftier goals was perfect. 

But, those ladder bookshelves were sold by the time I emailed the poster about them. 

That happened again 4 days later. 

I found the bookshelves new online, but they were expensive and had to be shipped and simply not in my budget. The whole craigslist-shopping extravaganza was getting tougher and tougher as I don’t have a car and had no way to pick up furniture to bring it back to my apartment. I gave up. 

Until Sunday night.

I had a few minutes of time to kill while I waited for a phone call. On a whim, I opened craigslist for the first time in two weeks. I selected my neighborhood and two bordering neighborhoods. I typed “bookshelves” into the search bar. 

And there they were. The only result. My ladder bookshelves. I texted the number. She eased my worst fears with a promise to deliver them for an extra fee, and invited me over immediately to take a look. 

When I arrived, they were waiting for me (the bookshelves that is). And this newly co-habitating couple shedding their new apartment of excess furniture were nearly ridiculously friendly and helpful and accommodating. Upon hearing my story, they even offered me framed photographs of San Francisco that they were also getting rid of; I happily rescued the bright and sunny images. 

And now, there they are. In the exact place I imagined them. All of my books still live in Pennsylvania, so I had to get creative on what to put on them. But, if a piece is meant to be in your home— it will be. 

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