Two Saturdays of Projects

Over the last two weekends, Daniel and I have been hard at work making our 300 sq. feet do more. This tiny studio has become our favorite project. No longer feeling like we’re sacrificing, finding ways to use space better and editing out life down to essentials has been so, gloriously freeing. 

When Daniel first moved in, we got rid of my favorite ladder bookshelves to make room for his rather large standing desk. He invested in the desk when he was working from home exclusively, and we decided it was important to make it fit. 

However, as he now almost exclusively works from his office, the large PC and overwhelming desk was mostly unused. He decided to move his desk to the office where he could really get use out of it again, and clean out his storage unit to grab his favorite green couch. We gave the dresser in that storage unit to a new friend who just moved here from Boston, and put the green couch where the desk had been. 

How wonderful to have a truly “living” based living space again, instead of a live/work mash up that simply wasn’t working. We hung his framed Cowboy Bebop posters that we had make-shiftly leaning against the top of the kitchen cabinets. I’ve never seen the show, but their rich colors on the walls helped warm the whole space up— not to mention the comfortable couch of course.

But, we also used the desk to charge our laptops, hold bills/mail, pens, cell phones, odds and ends. So, we repurposed the bookshelves he had brought up from LA (and that were holding our combined library) to hold “desk stuff” by making use of a space that was before completely neglected.

The area around the ladder to our bed and the heater we never use had always been strangely vacant. I could never think of a way to use it. We had to leave enough space to get up and down the ladder, and I was always afraid to put anything too close to the heater. But, in reality, I’ve turned the heater on less than 5 times in the whole time I’ve lived here. And in those instances, I’ve flipped it on for 10 or 15 minutes to warm the place up, and then turned it right back off. Though, we must be cautious, we don’t need to pretend it’s running at full speed all the time. 

With the help of these amazing floating bookshelves, we re-located almost all of our books to the cozy little alcove. Not only does it add interest and color to our living area, it makes a much more efficient use of that space. 

And if that wasn’t enough, we decided to finally tackle a project I had been wanting to do since I moved into the apartment in March. In the kitchen, we have a little cubby cabinet that once held a fold-out ironing board. The ironing board is long-gone and not even something I own, so the space was simply wasted. 

So, after almost 8 months, we finally put in shelves to make it a hidden spice rack. It frees up so much space in our limited cabinets and puts the cubby to work. 

Decorating and making this micro-space usable for us has been one of the most rewarding ongoing projects ever. I can’t wait to keep going. 

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